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Environmental Commitment

As public agencies responsible to and for the people of South Carolina and the United States, SCDOT and FHWA are committed to building a safe and long-lasting structure that enhances the community and protects the affected natural environment.

The SCDOT and the FHWA were actively engaged in dialogue with various stakeholders throughout the project development and construction process. We are committed to providing a safe and efficient transportation facility that preserves or enhances existing values within the surrounding area. To
that end, various environmental measures have been incorporated throughout the project to avoid or minimize impacts within the project

The land from the old bridges is being used in a socially and environmentally friendly way. In Mount Pleasant, the SCDOT has partnered with the town to create open park space and public access to the waterfront. Foundations from the old Pearman Bridge were reused to build a public pier. In Charleston, land will be redeveloped in a partnership with the city to create affordable housing, parks, drainage improvements and economic opportunities for the East Side neighborhood. Now that demolition is complete, the SCDOT will support each municipality as they work to achieve these goals.

Picture of Marsh that surrounds Bridge Contstruction